What we do |Cyber Monday

«Cyber Monday» preparation for Magento 2 store

Update the Magento core to an up-to-date version and prepare the store and its contents for Cyber Monday.


Enhance Your E-commerce Store for Optimal Performance and Cyber Monday Success

Our team has successfully achieved our primary objective, which was to provide a comprehensive solution that encompassed updating your Magento core to the latest version and preparing your store and its contents for the Cyber Monday sales event.

Through our efforts, we have optimized your e-commerce store's performance, security, and user experience, resulting in higher conversions and maximizing your success on Cyber Monday.


Analyzing code base

Exploring store's modules, marking unused modules for deletion, searching for modules analogues on Magento 2.

Working with Data Migration Tool

Creating draft-run configuration, creating initial handlers, initial mapping of EAV attributes.

Magento 2 modules development

Rewriting custom modules on Magento 2 framework, installing modules M2 analogues.

Data Migration Tool configuration optimization

After all migration development activities, the Data Migration Tool configuration must be updated. Draft migration should be fully tested.

Magento Cloud Go Live

When the development of the modules is completed and the migration configuration is debugged, Go Live activities can be run just like a migration on a real database.

Approval of the final list of migrating modules and attributes



225% increase in sales - comprehensive update of the store functionality and a well-chosen strategy led to a significant increase in sales.

WP logo

User-friendly design - after the work of specialists, the store has become much more user-friendly.

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Security compliance - thanks to updating Magento to the latest version, the store has become more resistant to malicious activities.